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Research at our institute

Nonlinear Optics

  •  Few-cycle laser
  • x-ray polarimet
  • High harmonic generation
  • High-power THz generation

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Quantum Electronics

  • physics with high harmonics
  • imaging of nano structures
  • acceleration of electrons by laser plasma
  • shaped XUV pulses

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Atom Physics Highly Charged Particels

The current research program focus on the investigation of hard X-ray radiation from charged particle collisions or photon-matter interactions.

Our special interest lies on the study of simple atomic systems in the widely unexplored domain of heavy high-Z ions in order to test and to advance our basic knowledge about the physics of strong fields. These investigations are complemented by the studies of processes which appear in high intense laser fields or at synchrotron facilities.

Within our experimental campaigns various X-ray detection systems such as standard X-ray detectors, 2D position-sensitive detectors, crystal spectrometers, X-ray CCDs and micro-calorimeters are used.

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Relativistic Laser Plasma Physics

X-ray Optics

  • diagnostics of high temperature plasmas  with x-ray radiation and EUV radiation
  • time resolved x-ray difraction in crystals
  • laser triggered x-ray source
  • experiments with EUV FEL laser (Plasma-Thomson scattering)

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